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Katie's Old Friends

Katie was adopted from the Pocatello Animal Shelter by Ed and Carol Stenson in 2006. Concerned for older dogs that found themselves at the shelter and looking for new homes late in life, Ed, Carol and Katie started our Katie's Old Friends adoption fund. The fund pays a portion of the adoption fee for dogs 5 years or older. Since its inception in 2010 the fund has helped hundreds of wonderful dogs find new homes.

Carol passed away in 2014.  However, as part of her legacy, she left funding to construct a wonderful open area for all dogs to enjoy the freedom of life and play. In 2015, in the area south of the current Pocatello Animal Shelter, which was previously occupied by the old Pocatello Animal Shelter building, Katie's Dog Park was realized.


Carol-Stenson FPAS.jpg

Katie's Dog Park

Image by Derek Sears
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