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Friends of the Pocatello Animal Shelter (FPAS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization run by a volunteer staff of 12 Board of Directors. The primary function of FPAS is to raise donations and apply these funds towards local animals and animal advocacy organizations in addition to adoption program funds and facility improvements which benefit animals that are temporarily housed at the Pocatello Animal Shelter.  


The group was initially started to help raise funds to help build a new, much needed, shelter facility.  Through fundraising and private donations, enough money was raised to pay for architectural plans and drawings of a new, larger facility.  FPAS volunteers then put in time attending public meetings and events to share information with the public in hopes of getting a $2.8 million bond passed in order to build the new facility.  As a result, in the fall of 2012, the citizens of Pocatello passed a bond to pay for a new shelter facility. Because the plans were already drawn up, building of the new shelter started shortly after the bond was passed.  Thanks to the dedicated efforts of all of those involved, in February of 2015, the brand new, 15,278 sq foot facility was opened.


FPAS continues to raise money to benefit animal advocacy.  With the tireless help of dedicated volunteers, they attend city-wide events throughout the year and hold two FPAS specific annual fundraisers, a fun run/walk in April called Run with the Big Dogs,  and Splash Dance for Dogs, held in September.  


With the generous donations provided by individuals and businesses throughout the year, funds raised at these events support life saving programs such as the Second Chance Fund, Cell Dog program, Katie’s Old Friends, Pocatello Pets 4 Vets, and Special Adoption Fee Subsidies in addition to local animals and animal advocacy organizations.

These funds are also used to support facility improvements that benefit the animals at the shelter such as shade awnings for the outdoor dog kennels, indoor kennel covers, and much more..

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