Angels Among Us:  Stories from the Kind Side

Ike's Story

As told by his owners and loving companions; Michael Brennen and Yukari Nishizawa-Brennen

"About 15 years ago, my wife and I visited the Pocatello Animal Shelter to adopt a pet. There was a woman there, who assisted us in selecting a deserving dog. I really wish I could remember her name; I'm not sure if she was an employee or a volunteer. 


He didn't make a very good first impression; as I recall he had to be (literally) dragged out of his kennel and taken outside to interact with us. He mournfully looked at the door wanting to go back inside the entire time. We really weren't sure that he was capable of bonding with us, but the worker felt that given the proper home environment and nurturing, he would become a wonderful addition to our family. 


At any rate, she went out of our way to find us a dog who she felt would be a good match for us. Ike was one who had been adopted out previously, and been returned to the shelter because of some incompatibility with the household(s). 

Because of her advocacy for him, we did take him home and he eventually warmed up to us and was a remarkable friend and companion for 8 years before he passed. We miss him to this very day." 

If your goodbye was even a tiny bit as hard as ours, you deserve an update on how his life turned out.